Thursday, May 14, 2009

Rick Hazlewood

As one of your team leaders, I guess it might help to introduce myself. As I am approaching my 30th college reunion, I realize I have spent my entire professional life in education. Yikes to both facts in that last sentence.

I currently support the campus' use of a learning management system and the faculty members' use of technology in their research. I am also learning what resources the various colleges, schools, and departments have that other professors on this campus can also use in their work. I recommend trying out Artstor for access to an incredible collection of digital images for your presentations and research.

I taught in an elementary school for twelve years. I also taught adult education and college reading/study skills for several years. I moved to supporting faculty, staff, and students using a computer-based education system and developed individual educational software titles and curricula for schools across the nation to use with their students.

In my spare time, I go to sporting events to watch my sons and read whatever grabs my attention when I stop by the library.

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