Friday, May 15, 2009



I like this idea - thanks for the invitation to blog!

I am joining your group because I am especially interested in the journalism aspect -e.g., capturing short interview footage and opinions and people and places - since I rarely find time to visit museums, except the children's museums and action-packed experiential ones! HA! (Then I never take my camera for fear of water and sand damage.)

I really look forward to learning how to use different equipment and I might even find out more about my own camera as well! (Canon Powershot S5 IS with a 16 gig card for many video snippets.) Plus I am sure I will enjoy all the sites we will visit.

As far as introductions, feel free to visit my google-site-in-progress /DrDuly/

Have a great weekend all and bis Monday!

Nina (9' ah)
Dr Duly

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