Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ahmad Audi, saying "Hello"!! :)

Greetings all.  My name is Ahmad Audi. I teach chemistry at college of lake County, Illinois. I do not know why is not listed in the participants list. Anyhow, it is an ION institution.

During graduate studies, I was given hard time by the chemistry faculty when I enrolled for an education class. Nonetheless, my steadfastness in loving to convey the scientific message to people who have never experienced it – no need to worry here I will not fill your ears -  coupled with my interest in technology led me to use the web as a teaching tool. That was in 1997 before the emergence of blackboard and webCt as popular tools.

While I spent most of my time in teaching and its tasks in the last few years these days I feel that I need to keep up  with the latest tools to transmit the knowledge. I taught chemistry online for few years and I am planning to be ready for yet a better online chemistry delivery. Besides, as chemistry is very exciting, in many instants I feel like I should be blogging about my class and the cool chemistry shows.

For those reasons, for the love of outdoors and hoping to visit high tech educational facilities at UIUC I signed for this team.  I am familiar with numerous online applications but still looking for more.

I will be bringing my convertible laptop, Gateway C2930, digital camera JVC GR-DX300U, and another HG-10 canon. The first camera is dying. The second one I plan to experiment on, but it is bulky. I would love to see what you have and I am sure I will use one of them if possible.

I just signed up for twitter.,,  delicious, and flickr. In the mean time you can see me here or there

Looking forward to see you tomorrow. Until then Cheers


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