Saturday, May 16, 2009



I am Seung-Hwan, Assist. Prof. of Communication, Media & Theatre, Northeastern Illinois University. As I teach several classes covering new media technologies, I am eager to explore how new Web 2.0 applications can facilitate students learning.

I like the idea that participants use various gadgets and tools to record the learning team experience. Personally, I am very interested in how new digital photography with online capabilities, like Photosynth and Seadragon, revolutionarily change the way we capture and view photos. I am planning to bring my own digital camera (Sony DSC F717). I know it is bulky and outdated, but I still like it!

I'm excited to join this group and look forward to meeting you all soon.

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  1. Hi, Seung-Hwan, Photosynth is very cool and I'm actually exploring something similar myself, what I call "GPS Movies." So, I'm very interested in this kind of thing. Look forward to meeting you and talking about this.